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According to Travellers’ choice 2022 Dubrovnik takes a very high 5th place on the trending destination list.

A list of 737 things to do. I didn't know we had so much to offer.

In these uncertain and pandemic times it's a relief to know that our image is more than positive to travellers all around the world. And the moment is right.

Though Covid is still a issue and the numbers are high I allow myself a positive forecast for the 2022 season. Interest and bookings are increasing from day to day. People want to travel, they want to visit us.

And Dubrovnik has started to prepare itself a little bit earlier than the past years. When I say Dubrovnik, I mean all our fellow citizens working in the touristic sector. We are looking and planning more ahead and that's always a good basis for a successful season.

I wish that the local authorities would adapt their way of working to the whole development. You can't always solve problems when they've already happened, plug holes when it's too late, or improvise because you didn't plan ahead in time.

But still the positive development is visible and I'm sure the next generations will be even more successful. Maybe Dubrovnik and its Riviera will be number 1 on this list one day.

Check it out yourself:

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