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Fisherman adventure

Accompany a fisherman while hauling in the net and enjoy the freshest fish

  • 8 hours
  • From 600 euros
  • Soline

Service Description

Accompanying a fisherman while hauling in the net can be a truly unique and memorable experience. The fresh sea air, the sound of the waves and the excitement of the catch are all part of the adventure. As the fisherman hauls in the net, you can witness the bounty of the sea as the catch is revealed. Depending on the season, you may see a variety of fish, from sardines to sea bass to octopus. After the catch, the fisherman will take you to his taverna, where he will prepare the fish for you in the traditional Dalmatian way. This could mean grilling it over an open flame, cooking it in a wood-fired oven, or simply frying it with a little bit of olive oil and garlic. As you savour the flavours of the fresh fish, you can appreciate the simplicity and authenticity of the Dalmatian cuisine. The fisherman may even share some stories about his life on the sea, giving you a glimpse into the unique and challenging lifestyle of a fisherman. Overall, accompanying a fisherman while hauling in the net and enjoying the fresh fish on your table in his taverna is a true adventure that offers a glimpse into the heart and soul of Dalmatia. Whole day trip - 8-9 hours 6am - 3pm Max. 8 participants (group) Note this trip starts very early as the fish won't wait for you :) Listed price is per person This trip includes: - transfer to the fisherman meeting point - trip with the fishing boat - refreshments - lunch The best fish is the one fresh from the sea !

Contact Details

  • Villa Soline, Soline, Mlini, Hrvatska


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